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75 Eldorado

Started by badpoints, December 14, 2022, 03:22:20 PM

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Bryan J Moran

79 Eldorado

I searched for 1975 colors and the only yellow was "Bombay yellow" but Bombay is more of what you would expect as a factory color; not like this car. This car's yellow would make lemons jealous. People occasionally ask how something impacts the value. Well painting a car children's playground yellow isn't going to help for most people.


TMoore - NTCLC

Besides the exterior color, I am pretty sure the factory did NOT install that hounds-tooth cloth in a convertible (wild patterns in closed cars-yes, but not in convertibles)

The Tassie Devil(le)

Well, they haven't a clue as to what they are selling as they say it is Rear Wheel Drive.

Plus, they made sure not to really show the roof as it looks really stained from the available pictures.

Bruce. >:D
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A lot of oddities here, as others have mentioned:
- likely custom paint color
- likely aftermarket interior
- mileage in ad doesn't match OD even assuming rollover
- radio and dash switch look a bit odd, but hard to tell with graininess of photos
- carpet looks black, vs the brown interior...could be factory but I'm not sure
- assuming we're right on the paint and interior being aftermarket, that level of custom work would make me want to check the electronics and power train for other modifications...could be interesting things hiding below the surface if someone was committed enough to their idea to repaint and upholster

All that being said, if the body is clean (big if coming from Boston) and she runs and drives well, the price isn't bad, assuming you like the paint color and interior.

79 Eldorado

I suppose Pittsburgh Steeler fans could paint "Terrible Towel" in large letters across the hood.

It would be interesting to see the trim tag. I don't know the 1975's well but, if they still did the same as 1968-71, the original paint color and interior color would be revealed.

I wouldn't trust what's hiding under the paint. I don't know if others have noticed but a lot of automotive collision/paint places really only want to work on new model collision jobs where all sheet metal is available and corrosion is generally not an issue. Yes you can find places to paint older cars but generally the cost is going way up because there's more money in collision work. A shop can churn out a lot more collision jobs in the same time.


Bryan J Moran

Yes it would be interesting to see the trim tag.  That yellow is in a lot of places that a respray likely would not have taken into consideration.  And if the paint color is SO - big IF - then why not go a step further with a houndstooth interior.

With seeing a custom "pillow" in the same clothe as the seating, and believing the only other option for houndstooth in a convertible would be a coupe swap - with a different back seat - I would say the interior has been redone.