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Scissor top convertible '71-'76 side window anti rattler bracket WILL PAY $50

Started by joliet, December 22, 2022, 06:39:37 PM

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Hello, I need at least one of these from a convert; they are the same LH or RH; both of mine were broken but I found ONE unbroken one, as listed in the 1st photo.Would buy one or both if anyone has an intact one or two to sell. Hopefully $50 for this tiny clip might get someone motivated to check on it for me.
These remove easily with just one phillips screw, just under the side rubber weatherstrips. Thanks! John Porzio (J. Porzio)


WOW!!!!!!! Am a new member with 153 views & NO replies! If it will help, I'm willing to pay $50 for ONE intact clip. I know it's cold out there, but if you can go out into the cold & check this out for me, & come through with one, it would really be nice. Thanks, John