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1984 Eldo $2500

Started by badpoints, January 13, 2023, 10:49:37 AM

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James Landi

There used to be a couple of catagories for this type of old used car back in my younger days: "Transportation Special" or "Handy Man's" special... of course, one could be lucky and purchase this car at its present price and find it to be solid, reasonably well cared for, and worthy a host of repairs because much of its life it has been babied. It's nearly 40 years old, and apparently fell into the hands of someone who has been using it, likely way too much.  I'd be looking at frame rust through,coolant mix at the oil cap, brakes, brake lines, idler and pitman arms, shocks, balljoints, leaky or noisy water pump, transmission leaks, etc, etc. Alas,   100K miles and nearly 40 years old is an accomplishment for these models, and if it were still garaged and all systems were in good running order the price would reflect the continuous care it received, but not so with this example that is apparently teeter tottering as perhaps, not worth the time and attention it needs.