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1966- is this too much?

Started by RICHNICH56, January 19, 2023, 07:36:28 PM

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Hello friends,
Has anyone seen this embarrassment on eBay yet? Says it is a '66. I don't know, I've seen some custom mods in my time but man oh man, I HATE IT! Do YOU HATE IT? Would you bid on this one? Would you be seen in it?
I ask you, 'to each his own' but how far is TOO far, just how much is TOO much? First time I have ever left a link so I hope it works but if not, the eBay item number is 144903623930



I guess it comes down to "each his own".  Looks like the owner has more money than taste!!  I've seen this vehicle for sale in the past, for a boat load of money.  I like my '66 SDV plain vanilla!

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   Someone needs to acquire this poor wallflower and somehow return it to its' former glory. We can all see a beautiful Cadillac under all that awkward ornamentation. Not quite sure how, when or where the train went off the rails, but Casey Jones couldn't save it. Clearly a previous owner has had some serious mental health issues or perhaps a period of experimentation with LSD. My sincerest condolences.
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Its the prototype for the Talisman of the 70s.  :P
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Regular Forum readers might be surprised but I actually like certain aspects of this car, but not all. Some of it however, is over done and out of place in my opinion. It looks like a Dunham Superfly car knock off by the coach builder noted by the seller. While not a Dunham, I have always been a fan of their custom cars, the owner of which became known as the "Father of the Pimpmobile". They achieved a mild level of notoriety/success in the 1970s and even appeared in a few movies like: Superfly, the Dirty Harry film Magnum Force, Paul Newman's Fort Apache The Bronx and Live & Let Die, (Bond 007 film) to name a few. Not sure if the Dirty Harry pimp car was a Dunham or a knock off, but gaudy looking Caddies circa 1970 became stereotyped from then on. When I see how the hobby fawns over custom car work, some of which is questionable in craftsmanship and appearance, (Steve Moal's work is fantastic if you want to see exceptional customs), but more or less ignores these Dunhams or at least passes them off as fringe egotistical relics from the blaxploitation film era; do we see hypocrisy? After all customs are more or less testaments to the egos of those who built them. Dunham Coach, (est 1957), has produced some quality awesome looking custom cars and even I would not mind being seen behind the wheel of one of these customs, especially his updated Cadillac Corvorado Superfly. That's my story and I am sticking to it. LOL. Clay/Lexi


OH GOD. This is hysterical...Made my day!

J. Skelly

It's for sale at the consignment store in Troy, Michigan for $50,000.  There is a thread on this on the AACA Forum.
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May be too over the top even for Libaraci.
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Twelve thousand+ mile car.  With some hole filling and paint work, which any body shop could handle, and the right price, this could be a nice car to have.  NOT in its current form or at its current $50,000 price, however.

Edit:  Hmmm, just looked at the interior, looks like a dumpster from the local garbage collection service would be needed in your driveway to get rid of all that "stuff".
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Notice how there are no images from the bottom...  ;D

Anyway, "custom" cars and asking prices are a very sensitive subject with a lot of variables at hand. I would not go into much detail on the subject matter, since it is one of those "commonly debated topics", but would simply mention a couple of interesting observations I've made:

1) some people simply list their "custom collector" cars for sale for an unreal amount of money on purpose; they are not looking to sell, at all, but are simply advertising their personality this way.
2) virtually every single "customizer" is looking for an originally-preserved and non-modified car; I've personally heard random people complementing such an original car somewhere on a street and then, a minute later, suggesting how the owner should "customize it" by installing new engine, large speakers, huge rims, lowered suspension, and tinting the glass  ::)
Ivan Beliaev


What a strikingly handsome Automobile!
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cadillac ken

Hideous. Yes "too much" of all the wrong things.

I'm all for customs but not stick on stuff cars. A car with nicely done body panel modifications and integrated custom touches is one thing.  This is a car that sadly had anything that would fit and either bolt on, stick on, or otherwise simply attach to the car added to it in an effort to make it a "custom" endeavor.

Which it is not.


I wouldn't worry my little head off.   It was only bid to $9500 and closed yesterday no sale.   
This is classic "pimpmobile" stuff back in the day.  Like disco, passe.


Huggy Bear, your stolen Cadillac has been listed on e-bay.
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Not my cup of tea...looks like something out of escape from new york.

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Grandma gave somebody a JC Whitney gift card for Christmas.
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