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Self Starter Back Issues for Cost Of Mailing

Started by Ed Eckhart #12747, January 20, 2023, 04:43:45 PM

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Ed Eckhart #12747

I have most all of the back issues of the Self Starter Magazine from 1996 to present. Rather than recycling them, I would box them up and mail for the cost of postage if someone were interested. I estimate the postage cost at around $110. Let me know if anyone wants them.

Ed E.

"Cadillac Kid" Greg Surfas 15364

Greg Surfas
I have offered similar back issues with little or no response for whatever reason, and like you I was very hesitant to just chuck them out so a donation to a local car museum is(and was for me) a viable alternative/
Cadillac Kid-Greg Surfas
Director Modified Chapter CLC
CLC #15364
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72 Eldo Cpe  (now cruising the sands in Quatar)
73 Coupe deVille
75 Coupe deElegance
76 Coupe deVille
79 Coupe de ville with "Paris" (pick up) option and 472 motor
514 inch motor now in '73-

Bryan J Moran

I asked and sent PMs to a fellow who offered his SS about 6 months ago and never got a reply.   It was not either one of you.  I would not be interested generally in ALL of them and $110 is a lot, even when free. 

I would be interested in those SS that specifically featured years of interest.


Previously I would collect car-focused magazines and drop them off or ship them to the local VA Hospital.  'Because COVID' they only want new magazines now so I've been delivering them to the local high school which still has an auto shop program. 

Barry M Wheeler #2189

Did you price the postage VIA  Media Mail? It is way cheaper than regular postage. 
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

1981 Cadillac Seville
1991 Cadillac Seville

Ed Eckhart #12747


From what I read, Media Mail would not be legal since the magazines contain ads. I checked with Lars who said he uses Flat Rate boxes.

For the gentleman who PM'd me, I respnded but it said your inbox was full. The magazines are located in Plano, TX near Dallas.

Ed E

David Greenburg

A few weeks ago I posted that I had most issues going back to '85 available for cost of shipping and had no response.  Seems like there's very little interest in back issues.
David Greenburg
'60 Eldorado Seville
'61 Fleetwood Sixty Special

Vince Taliano #13852

The Potomac Region collects old issues of The Self-Starter for distribution to prospective CLC members at events like the Washington Auto Show that is currently underway.  View images at the 2023 Washington Auto Show.  I suggest checking with your local region. 
Vince Taliano
CLC Potomac Region (view over 3,000 pictures!)

Joe Jensen

I would be interested in some of them. I would take more but shipping is the problem.  These are the one I would want:
June of 1999
March of 1997

I if you would want to fill the rest of a flat rate box with as many others as you could fit.  I would be good with that.  I would be most interested in those prior to 2014 since I can get those online.

PM me and I will give you my email so we could work this out.


Bryan J Moran

Quote from: David Greenburg on January 21, 2023, 04:17:36 PMA few weeks ago I posted that I had most issues going back to '85 available for cost of shipping and had no response.  Seems like there's very little interest in back issues.

Did I post to your thread on selling/giving some away?  I am a big magazine fan. While I spend a good deal of time at a computer, I HATE to read a magazine or a book off the computer, or worse yet - a phone.

Sitting in the easy chair, reading a REAL magazine or a book is a pastime for me.  I read at the dining room table in the morning when eating breakfast, I will read an article in one of the magazines I get or even pull out from the past, then lay it there and pick up a different article the next day.

So, for all of you that have old SS, I am most interested in articles featuring the following -

(I can't take them all)

1920's Cadillacs (very interested to learn more about early Cadillacs)
75 series Cadillacs all years
1938-1940 60S
1946-1949 60S
1956 Cadillac
1966 Cadillac (my favorite year)
1967-1970 FWD Eldorado articles
1974-1976 Cadillacs all. 
1979-1980 Eldorado 

If purchased, these will be stored in my office, where I maintain several bookcases and have maybe 250 or more magazines.  I will refer to articles from time to time to inform my knowledge of that particular year or topic. 

I don't always check PM's, so anyone can reach me at moranb2864email addresses not permitted if you want to move some magazines out. I will probably send an old fashioned check since they seem kind of lonely in my desk with all of the on-line payments these days, and as I am in no hurry.