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Need Window Crank For a 1931 V-12 Fleetwood Body Convertible Coupe

Started by tatarph, January 23, 2023, 10:55:25 AM

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Wanted to buy, window crank door handle (side and front pictured) for a 1931 Fleetwood bodied V-12 Convertible Coupe.

window crank.jpgwindow crank.jpgwindow crank_front view.jpg 



Thank you. A picture of the front of the window crank door handle has been added.


I may have those cast in bronze. If you send me an email to   to remind me, I'll take a look.

Wayne Elsworth
CLC #17075



Hi Jack - I don't have my window crank with me; it's at a restoration shop so I need to forward your picture. Questions: just based on a comparison of the pictures, it appears that your window crank may have a different knob and finish than those in my car; and, I'm not sure if they are the same length and use the same threading for attachment. However, I agree they look very close. Do you kmow off hand if the one you have is the same used on the 1931 car, because you reference 1929? Also, if my restorer think it will work, how much would you want for it? And, if it turns out not to fit, will you accept a return? Thanks. Phil