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2000 Catera

Started by badpoints, January 25, 2023, 10:59:02 AM

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James Landi

How can you go wrong for that $$$.  I'd want to know what does not work, and why the check engine light is on. If you can't past inspection without spending over a thousand on a catalyic converter and other pollution related parts, and if the climate control doesn't work, you won't be very happy. It does look to be in great shape for nearly 25 years old. 

Alan Harris CLC#1513

I have never heard anything good about the Catera. I also recall that they disappeared from the streets within a few years of their introduction. When was the last time anybody here saw one?

Bryan J Moran

That's a good buy. Polish those headlights, detail the car, add a battery and enjoy.   

Year 2000 check engine light is a component not an emissions issue.  Doubt it's the catalytic converter at just 71,000 miles. Could be spark plugs which were 60,000 miles max back then. 

At the end of the day that's a nice looking Cadillac once it's detailed. Then head to any U Pick It yards for spare parts. 

I remember seeing many of these in the UPick It yards here in Des Moines for several years.

Bryan J Moran

I like the dark blue and tan.

jagbuxx #12944

I was also considering one as a driver some years back. I think the timing belt is a service item that you would want to be sure that has been replaced
Frank Burns #12944
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"Whatever the occasion, there
is no better way to arrive than in a Cadillac.


fun car, perfect daily driver will last forever as long as its maintained
Cadillac got me!!!


Going to look at it this weekend

GBrown #8092

We inherited a 1997 Catera, which my father in law had bought new. Fun to drive. Did 1100 miles in conjunction with the No. California driving tour with it. But don't expect it to drive like a Cadillac, as it's actually a rebadged Opel, which isn't a bad thing.

It should have been at the Milwaukee Grand National, but decided it wasn't ready to be the first one to attend.  It was eventually diagnosed as a bad connecting rod.  Unfortunately 97's were one year in the US engine, so we let it go, only later to find out an LT1 GM engine would have been a drop in.

Ours had had the timing gear done, engine belt changes are also a pain.
I'd buy another. A clean one at that price, should be explored.



I called the seller Friday night, to set up an appointment for the weekend. He replied that he had covid and was in MD.I told him that I was in no hurry. He said he would text me the next day if he drives up, saying it is only eight hours. I have not heard from him yet, the car is still advertised. Seems odd to drive that distance to sell a $2000 car. It sounded like he lives in MD, but he didn't explain his situation.