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Are 61 and 62 heads the same?

Started by 62 driver, December 14, 2022, 12:25:56 AM

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62 driver

My 1962 (390 motor) head gaskets need to be replaced. I want to have the heads rebuild since I have them off.  I have a spare set of 1961 heads. I would like to have the 61 rebuild if they are the same and do a weekend swap. Ideas? Thanks Dave
Dave Schneider,  CLC #27889

Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

When offered for sale, I've seen them represented as "for 1958 through 1963"; others as "1960 through 1963"- for whatever it may be worth. At any rate I'd be extremely surprised if 1961 & 1962 were not a direct fit. 
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Interchange manual confirms 1958-1963.

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That just means they bolt on, may have to change other valve train components as well.
The '58 is 365 ci, where the later are 390 I think the block changed a bit in '61 or '62 for oil filtration.   Whole motor in '63.
It's always best to go back with what it came with, so I'd bit the bullet and let it sit til the heads are done.  Hopefully, no cracks or other issues.  If bad then substitute.

62 driver

Dave Schneider,  CLC #27889


My advice is dont use 1963 heads. The entire motor changed.
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