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1962 Convertible 6267 power top and windows

Started by jgreene, January 25, 2023, 06:02:49 PM

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This question is about a 1962 Cad convertible.  When the drivers door is opened while the top is going up or down it will stop functioning.  I believe I have this narrowed down to the wires in the rubber loom/cover between the drivers' door and the fender.  If you close the door and allow the circuit breaker to cool down then the top will work again.  If I cut off the flexible rubber boot/wire cover what will I find in there?  In other words how will I get a new boot back on there?  Are there wire disconnects in there or do the wires have to pulled out of the drivers door, which includes the window wires?  I am assuming there is insulation missing from the wire(s) causing it to short out and open the circuit breaker.
Thank you
Jim Greene
Jim Greene

James Landi


What you'll likely find are some of those wires are internally broken.  I;ve owned several Cadillacs of that decade, and I am disappointed that those heavy duty wires were not protected by a metal "race" that would keep them from constantly being bent each time one opens the door.  I suspect you'll have to make a decision about how to make either a "repair" or a replacement of the intermittent offending wires. Apparently, the insulation may have broken off in your case, creating a direct short, or causing one or more of the window motors to draw current away from the top motor as you open the door.  In any case, I suggest your problem is significant and you've reason to verify for certain what is going on...again, I suspect your issue is under that rubber boot/door hinge.  I encourage others to weigh in on this as I may be wrong. I certainly hope I am, because a permanent fix is tedious and time consuming James



To answer your other questions, there is not a plug or disconnect for the wires going through the door rubber conduit cover. Also there is not a replacement for the rubber conduit cover. The rubber conduit cover is split at the bottom rear with an overlap which is secured by rubber push tabs. You will have to carefully disconnect the rubber push tabs from  the overlap. First, remove the screws from the plates securing the rubber conduit cover on the door and body. There are two plates that overlap each other on the door and two on the body. Once you have removed the screws and plates, the rubber conduit covers will slide out of the door and body. You will then be able to rotate the rubber conduit cover so you can remove the rubber push tabs. Be patient and careful since the rubber is fragile after 60 years. Most of the rubber conduit covers have split at the bends and often just crumble with aggressive handling.

Good luck.
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