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Manual Transmission 1938 - 1948

Started by markcapen, January 28, 2023, 12:08:36 PM

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Selling working 3 speed manual transmission currently installed in my 1941 60 Special which was installed as a temp transmission so car could be driven when restoring original transmission. $350.00 Also have parts for Engine and trim parts. 100_4000.JPG
Mark Capen

Brad Ipsen CLC #737

For anyone considering this 41 and up tail shaft and housing is not the same as 40 and back.  Internals in trans interchange to all but there are some differences in materials.
Brad Ipsen
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1938 Cadillac 9039
1940 Cadillac 6267
1940 LaSalle 5227
1949 Cadillac 6237X
1940 Cadillac 60S Limo


I thought 38 thru 41 60S were all the same   when I can figure out how to upload some pictures I will do so

Mark Capen

Jim Stamper

     Do the 38-48 internal parts interchange to the 37 floor shift  transmission?   Jim Stamper CLC#13470


The shop that rebuilt my transmission may be able to answer that question
Peluso Precision Automotive Mass.
Mark Capen


I think the image from the shop manual should help with the question of appliciability .
Mark Capen

Jay Friedman

I agree with Brad re: differences between 38-40 and 41 and later.

Most parts interchange between 37 floor shift and later.  One difference is that the countershaft diameter was increased from 15/16ths of an inch in 37 to 1 inch in 38 and later.  It is possible to bore and/or ream the two countershaft holes in the '37 case to 1 inch in diameter and install a '38 or later countershaft and countershaft (cluster) gear. 
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Thank you for the technical background hopefully someday I will find a new home for these parts   :)
Mark Capen


for those who are concerned about shipping the transmission lives in  Wolcott Ct.   
Mark Capen


Is the trans together or disassembled?


I have one in parts not all parts are usable and one that is complete that is still in the car that I used as a spare until I got the original back from the shop.  I overhauled the original because it keeps kicking out of 3rd gear. The temp one in the car and I got it from John Gately and when you shift between 2nd and 3rd you have to be gentle. 
Mark Capen