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1959 Cadillac Dash Rebuilt

Started by MIKIMBIN1, January 30, 2023, 09:01:27 PM

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Hi I need to repair or rebuild my dash for a 1959 Cadi, any one can please help me with Info for a serious place can do

Cel: 305-525-9292


Just Dash in California does excellent work, however be aware they have a long time line.


62-6267 PNT 10 TRM 29 TOP 2
68-68367 PNT 28 TRM 369 TOP 1


From the restored dashes I have seen over the years, RD has been superior to Just D's, and allot less snooty to deal with (in fairness it has been awhile).

Also, be aware (in your desire to be OEM - or not - with your restoration) that depending on the early vs later production of your car, the thickness of padding did change.
And, there are different patterns to the vinyl too.

Have fun,
Steve B.
S. Butcher


I had mine done at just dashes.  And I am happy to have something that looks clean and new. But there are a few problems. 

1. The foam shape is different.  Original was flat and crisp.  The new is to puffy.

2. The texture is wrong.  The original was a smooth stipple grain.  The new has a small ridge texture.

3. The color is not right. The original was a dark indigo blue. The new one is brighter.  Not bad but not quite original.
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