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Power antenna issue

Started by drwarz, January 31, 2023, 08:32:29 AM

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The power antenna on my 1962 does not go up or down, currently it is all the way down. I have tried having someone push/pull the radio knob while i try to pull on the antenna but it wont move. While pushing/pulling the radio knob, I do hear a clicking noise from the radio but that's it. When I'm in the city, I can pick up an AM radio station even though the antenna is all the way down.
Where should I start looking for the problem?
Thanjk you

Michael Petti

I am assuming this is the original antenna about 60 years old. The clicking noise is the switch in the radio working. First make sure the fuse is good. Next disconnect the power wire coming from the radio from the antenna itself. There should be a plug under the hood. Make sure power is coming out of both circuits (up and down). If you have juice and I suspect you do, the problem is in the antenna itself. The motor is rusted and/or more than likely the grease in your gears has dried out and hardened into a rock like substance. You are looking at complete disassembly and cleaning. If you are not into that, I recommend contacting Cadillac Tim.
He specializes in repairing these things and his prices are reasonable. He has been recommended many times on this forum. I just had him repair the antenna for my 60 CDV.


Is the clicking noise from the radio or antenna motor?

If from the antenna motor that is the clutch assembly making that noise. The clutch wants to move the mast but it is apparently stuck, so the clutch spring is allowing the drive plate to "skip" over the drive disc. That is the clicking noise.

The antenna will need disassembled to fix it. The good thing is that the mast is down. If it was up you would likely damage the mast when removing the antenna assembly.

Tim Groves