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62 Carburetor Reccomandations

Started by drwarz, January 31, 2023, 08:37:29 AM

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I was wondering your guys recommendations to replace a Carter AFB Carburetor on my 1959 Sedan Deville. Should I get a remanufactured Carter or get a new Edelbrock Carb? Thanks for any input


The Edelbrock is basically an AFB.  Parts interchange.  They bought the rights.
The linkage may not fit and need some changes.

Michael Petti

Why do you want to replace it? If you have and AFB and it's giving you trouble,I would consider rebuilding it. One benefit is your linkages would probably connect with no modifications. So many new parts today are of dubious quality.

Gabe Davis

I recently had the original Carter rebuilt for my '59 by Daytona Parts Company. It looks like a brand new carb and runs beautifully. I finally got the engine to idle at the Cadillac recommended 450rpm after switching back to it from an Edelbrock.

There are a few pictures of it here in one of my threads:

Daytona Parts Company is very highly recommended if you go down the path of rebuilding.
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walt chomosh #23510

Hi guys!
  I'm with Gabe. I've used Daytona and they are amazing. From gaskets to bushing carb throttle shafts there #1 in my book!....walt...tulsa,ok


I too use and recommend Daytona Parts in New Smyrna Beach, FL --- just south of Daytona.  I also fully agree with having Daytona rebuild your old carb, rather than buying something new that may fit but was not calibrated for your engine.  It will come back like new, you know it fits, and the linkages will be correct.

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