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Source for '68 gold carpet

Started by Matt 12861, January 31, 2023, 10:05:58 PM

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Matt 12861

My wife ordered some gold carpet for my '68 DeVille from the place with the big glossy catalog.  After a few emails saying they were delaying shipment, today I got on that said they have no ETA at all. Does anyone know of someplace else that has gold carpet that I could get sooner?   I see some places on eBay but would rather get some recommendations first.
Matt Givler
Matt Givler #12861


I have had very good success removing the original carpet with scrubbing and rinsing with garden hose...hang to dry.

From images, yours does seem salvageable?

It appears your door panels are black? Maybe go with black carpet?

Seems the availability of 'color' selection is a thing of the past.

Chuck Swanson

Most repro carpet is from ACC, and I usually order from this reseller:

Stock Interiors

Also, make sure to remove the metal cover on the hump, along with any pieces to the vent.  Almost every car I have done has a mouse next in that location ;)
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Auto carpet is almost exclusively made off shore now, and the methods have changed, so you may not find identical '68 replacement. 
If you can't get a set of ready mades, from the usual source(s), any good auto upholstery shop should be able to make.  I put a set in the '58 and black is black as far as I'm concerned so fitment is the main item.  It was acceptable, but not exact.


I also got ACC carpet for my Sedan Deville, from Rockauto (I checked your car and they do have gold on there). It fits and is decent enough. I haven't had carpet in the car for 15 years so I couldn't compare with original.
-----Dan Benedek
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I bought mine (75' Eldo) from "OPGI" made by "ACC" and it is very decent.
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Come On You Blues!

Seville Life

The '68 Cadillacs had very good quality cut pile carpets in two halves.

The closest new carpet to the original came from Auto Custom Carpet.
Paul Bedford


I washed and scrubbed my carpet and just put it back in last weekend. Used a wire brush to remove the padding on the rear section, the front was in good shape. Applied carpet tape to a few rips. It isn't perfect but should look okay when the seats are installed.

Seville Life

I have a Cadillac Reconditioning book from the early 1970s that was used by the dealers to sharpen up used cars for re-sale. It's incredible what they could do even back then, including repairing cracked leather seats. Obviously the book discusses all kinds of GM chemicals they used but that we don't have today, I remember washing cloth trim and carpets with a cleaner that was colour based, like a dye. It was incredible the way it brought our black cloth trim and carpet back to life.

There were a few tips though that I learned from the book that I still use and one was bringing carpets back to life.

When the carpet was thoroughly vacuumed (out of the car) and had been washed you can use an air-gun attached to a compressor and working 80psi. The air-gun needs pointing into the carpet at 90 degrees. This would not only blow lots of imbedded rubbish out of the carpet, especially on the driver's area, it would fluff it upbringing it closer to how it was when new. I would suggest eye protection is worn as grit flies out while doing this.

They also used only white towels so that should any colour start bleeding you'll spot it immediately.

Paul Bedford


I wonder if that book has been digitized and is available somewhere?  Do you have a title?

Seville Life

I've never found it anywhere online. I know a guy who worked at Cadillac's Service Department for decades, he told me they produced one these books, guides, every few years. It's odd I've never seen one anywhere else. In the old days when life was simpler Dad ordered ours from a Cadillac dealership?

The actual title was Cadillac Used Car Reconditioning Manual, mine has a blue vinyl ring binder with a press-stud flap over the bottom. You open it, turn it side ways and go through it.

Sadly I'm touring and mine is in storage. Paul
Paul Bedford