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1941 Coil removal

Started by rustytractor, March 06, 2023, 01:37:10 PM

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I need to remove the coil from my '41 which is still running 6volt

In theory you unbolt the union on the bottom of the coil (which is mounted upside down so it's at the top) through which the 6v feed from the ignition runs, turn the cap to release it from the keyway and lift it off then undo the wire. I've possibly got this sequence slightly wrong but it's a variation of the above.

My problem is the union turns with a spanner but winds the outer cable shield up and won't undo. The cap rocks slightly left and right but won't come off.

Is there a trick to this or am i unlucky or an idiot?

Even when it eventually (hopefully) comes off how does the shield remove from the ignition switch to an access the resistor wire inside?

I know this is confusing (sorry) but it's really hard to explain so i've added some pix. The photo that shows a coil with the cap removed was sent to me by a friend so i knew what to expect.

Hopefully someone who's done this will know what to do 🤞🏻
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J. Russo

Hi Russell,

I just found this in my photos. Please take a look.
John Russo
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