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Error on Museum & Research Center Ballot?

Started by Tom Hall 7485, March 02, 2023, 02:16:10 PM

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Tom Hall 7485

The current president of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. is Ronnie Hux.

Either he is, or he isn't, automatically a member of the board of directors of the other corporation, Cadillac & LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center, Inc. However, the ballot garbles the issue by stating,

"Note: CLC President Ronnie Hux and all past CLC and CLC Museum & Research Center Presidents who are active in the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, are CLC Museum & Research Center board members."

If Mr. Hux is automatically a member of the board of directors of the museum corporation by virtue of being president of this club, then why would he be listed on the ballot?

(The reverse of the ballot shows him as one of the unelected members of the board. He has not earned a lifetime seat on the museum board yet, not having completed his term in office as president of the club. Someone has apparently confused the issue of lifetime board membership with election. Please check the museum corporation's constitution and by-laws. Incidentally, lifetime board membership is out of touch with current trends in management of non-profits.)

Without Mr. Hux on the ballot, there are only 14 candidates for 15 elected board seats on the museum board for this term!

Tom Hall, CLC Member 7485, Lifetime member since the mid-1990s.

Barry M Wheeler #2189

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Tom, during ballot production, I pointed that out about Ronnie and was told to go with it.
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