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Front fender splash aprons

Started by Bronze, March 11, 2023, 02:35:37 AM

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Hi, On my 1956 convertible the front fender masticated rubber aprons are gone. The price to have them shipped to Sweden with import and VAT becomes ridiculous for a piece of rubber that i could easily cut myself. But as i have no templates it would be good to have some basic measurements. So my question is if anyone have a set on the shelf and could help out? If so i will post a pic indicating which measurements i need.


If you know of where to buy a set, get the picture of the pieces, and you can figure dimensions on the car.  You can blow up(enlarge) the picture on a computer and printer for a template.
The sheet rubber is readily available, but fastening it is the issue.  Cuts easily with utility knife or large shears. 
They stapled it to the sheet metal panels, and I have not been able to locate a stapler that can duplicate them.  I contacted a stapler company and they wanted north of $2000 to test and custom "build one" with no guarantee of success.  The staples are even different, some sort of round hard wire so I suspect the machine was akin to a book binding press.  Wire is cut, formed, inserted and folded over by the machine.  I looked at obtaining one of those and adapting but they're circa turn of the 20th century and not many nor easily adaptable and iffy it it would have enough force to staple metal.
I found some rubber glue that would hold by testing several brands, glue ont he sheet, then took the closest staple I could find, bend as needed, make hole in rubber with ice pick, and hand staple.   Other's have done it this way, that's how I know.  Tedious time consuming PITA.


I used stainless steel TIG welding rods to make the staples, I managed to bend them and they look pretty good, I used the existing holes in the sheet metal.


  I cut my own from some newer rubber pieces that I had laying around. As for the staples, I found that the ones that Danchuk manufacturing makes for the 55,56,57 Chevrolet's are the same thickness and size. But you still have to install them by hand.

1956 Coupe Deville A/C car "Norma Jean"


Thanks for your input. Staples aren't an issue, Swedish company as well as caddydaddy carries them. Stainless TIG rod will work well also. Interesting about danchuck chevy staples, probably half price compared to Cadillac staples even if the come out f the same production :) I did try to blow up some internet pictures but that only gets me close as the pictures are taken at an angle and i get an aspect error that increases with enlarging them.