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1981 eldorado, doesn't get fuel to the tbi

Started by Jonathan Johnson, March 26, 2023, 02:41:48 PM

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Jonathan Johnson

Sorry manking another post, just curious if anyone read my last one l. So I do have good ground at the pump but no power whatsoever what I also thought was funny was that there are two spare ecms in the trunk and the ECM in the car is just hanging down all relays and fuses look to be new also when I turn the car off the ECM continues to run and will kill my battery I just bought the car so it's all kind of a mystery to me it's been in a heated garge since 2001. So it's a great survivor.thanks any info helps!
1981 eldorado 6.0
2007 dts
4.9 liter v8 anything

Dave Shepherd

A wiring diagram showing the cicuitry to the pump would help of course. What have your done so far, checked power to the relay?