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Grained Dashes

Started by Barry Wheeler #2189, April 17, 2005, 07:37:09 PM

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Barry Wheeler #2189

I was speaking with the friend who did my 1941 dash recently. He did an excellent job, even to keeping the line on the lower edge of the dash where the decal stopped originally that no one would probably ever see. He got the color right from an un-faded portion of the dash I had. He was very interested in doing a great job. I asked him whether or not he had patterns for the other years of the 40s and he checked his book and says that he does. If you are interested, contact Joe Goss at 765-742-8547 or cell: 765 427-7078.
I dont have price ranges as I got a gift certificate from him that he provided at our local clubs annual auction. Again, he is very interested in doing a great job for you.