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Brake Booster

Started by Wilson, April 13, 2005, 07:17:10 PM

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I have a 1984 Eldorado Bairittz Convt. and I need to replace the brake booster. The manual states to remove the master cylinder, disconnect the pushrod and then remove booster-to-crowl nuts. Well thats the problem. Is it easy to remove the booster and what do I need to remove inside the vehicle in order to get to the pushrod and booster-to-crowl nuts? Thank you in advance for your input :)

Mike #19861

 You need to be a bit of a contortionist to get in there.

 Remove the hush panel under the dash. You will see the push rod is held in by a clip. Remove this clip and slide the pusrod off the pivot on the pedal.

 Then look up on the firewall. You will see 4 nuts (likely 15mm) up around the steering column brace. Remove them and the booster will come out. Removing those 4 nuts can be a bit of a trick, you will need a long extension and a flex socket to get in there.



Thanks Mike for your advice. Ill work on it this weekend.


Well I did the work and man it was rough. Im still feeling the pain in my nech, arms, shoulder etc..  Mike thanks for the advice..