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block/head ID numbers

Started by phil mellor, April 19, 2005, 07:17:00 PM

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phil mellor

found engine in back of a workshop! does anyone know how to date it? where casting numbers are and how to interpret?

Warren Rauch

   To answer your question Ill need more information.
    First Why do you think it is a Cadillac engine?
    Second Is it a flat head or overhead?
   Third Are there any numbers  stamped on the transmisson end of the block, from the heads to the end of the block casting? these would be on the top of the block.
    Finally What color was the block painted from the factory? Warren

Phil Mellor

Thanks for reply.
To answer some of your questions I know its definately a Cadillac Engine as it says so on the blue rockercovers.
Its an overhead, but cant see the numbers or colour of the engine block as its buried under workshop parts etc.
How do I interpret the numbers on the block?
I can supply more info when I have uncovered the engine fully.

Michael Stamps 19507

Is the distro in the front or the rear?



The years 54-63. The engine has a machined pad at the front top edge of the right hand block.54-59. 9 digits.first 2 are model year.
beginning 1963 distributor moved to the front
  1966-67 plate on the top rear of the engine block, adjacent to the trans. the last digit is the year. ie 6-7. all 429 cubes.
  68-70 same place.472 cubes.
 71-73. same place 472 cubes. I dont know the code numbers for these engines. but the timing mark for the 68-70 is on the pulley, with 3 notches on the pointer. and for 71 73 mark is on the balancer, with with 6 notches on the marker.