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radiator badge ID

Started by Charles Harper, April 13, 2005, 07:19:09 AM

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Charles Harper

I have a radiator badge (Cadillac) circa 1928-1932.  However, I am having difficulty dating the exact year.  It looks excactly like the 1928 badge but without the white circle.  The round backing shield enamel is all black.  I have two of these in excellent condition.  Interestingly, one badge has gold tone the other is copper.  I suspect from two different suppliers.

I also have a winged La Salle badge.  It has a pronounced v shape to fit around the radiator and larger wings/smaller shield than the flatter winged La Salle badge.  Im guessing this is also from the 28-32 era as radiators took on the more proncounce v shape during this period.  It appears to be nickel plated, not chrome.

Thansk for your help.

Yann Saunders, CLC No. 12588

Look in the Clubs Cadillac atabase in the section(s) devoted to Cadillac insignia.  Hopefully you will find the answers there.

There are repro badges out there.  Most of these are lightweight and chrome-plated.

Charles Harper

Thanks, Ive already checked the database.  I have identified, through this and my own sources, my 27-32 LaSalle winged badge, my 37 LaSalle winged badge, 38-49 winged Cadillac badge, 52-57 gold dash Cadillac script and 64 Cadillac badge.

This last one stumps me.  As I said, I date it circa 27-32 but cannot pin down a specific year.  Doubt very much it is a fake.  Crest is dead on accurate with solid brass mounting bolts and nuts.  I do believe the gold one is OEM and the other high copper brass is a later Cadillac supplied replacement.

Charles Harper

Actually, looks identical to the 32 winged radiator badge but without the wings.  I think the winged badge was an extra cost option and the ones I have are OEM, but that is just an educated guess.  However, I am inclined to think they are 32s.  Can send pics of winged and non-winged for database if you like.

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588


Yes, please send digital images for the Database.  I shall be back home from small world tour on Friday.

Charles Harper

Ok.  Also, looking through the hubcap database, looks like #7 is a Dodge Brothers... circa 1920s.