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under body color

Started by Rich Gagliardi, September 14, 2005, 08:31:37 PM

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Rich Gagliardi

I am getting ready for paint on my 39 3950 4 dr. sed. what color
 should the under side of floor boards & fenders be. same as car or black
    Thanks Rich Gagliardi # 21688

Barry Wheeler #2189

The undersides of fenders and hood should be satin black. The underside of the body (I believe) should be body color. However, the insides of the fenders under the hood are body color as well. Ditto the body underneath the rear fenders. Valance, if any under the front connecting the fenders should be body color. If you want to check up on me, as I am drawing from memory, get out the Directory and call Terry Wenger, in Ferguson, MO. Hes forgotten more about 39s than I ever knew.