Any interest in a 1942 chapter?

Started by gary griffin, June 08, 2012, 09:53:48 AM

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gary griffin

   I have been enjoying restoring my 1942  6719 and in the process I have learned the problems 42 owners face with the lack of information and difficulty in finding parts. I take pleasure in having a fairly rare car but struggle with the parts acquisition situation. I finally bought a parts car from another member and that helps a lot.

   It take a certain number of people to start a chapter and someone would have to get it going and I assume maintain some sort of records and so forth? The big question is with less than sixty 42 owners in the club is there enough interest to find enough members to start it?

   My parts search is over for now but I am sure I will need some information and possibly  a couple more parts before I am done. Don't we all now and then?

   I have met a few 42 owners not in the club through my parts search and have convinced at least one of them to join the club.

  Any ideas about this would be appreciated!!

Also at this time I would like to personally thank Jeff Hansen for his interest and guidance during the past 18 months. THANKS JEFF !!!
Gary Griffin

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