1948 Series 62 Pinion Seal

Started by Fredy Decker, December 02, 2022, 11:34:51 AM

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Fredy Decker

I am having trouble locating a replacement pinion seal for my 1948 Convertible. It is encased in a sheet metal spacer/adaptor so as to have it located forward of the carrier about 1/2"  I think that the only way to remove the spacer/adaptor is to destroy it.  I can find a replacement seal but not the spacer/adaptor. Any advice out there.

J. Russo

Have you tried Terrill Machine in Texas?
John Russo

Fredy Decker

I have not but I will try to get in touch with them. Thanks,

Jay Friedman

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harry s

If I'm reading this right you have or can get the seal but can't find the cup it fits in. The seals are readily available but the cups are not. The easiest way to remove the cup is to clean around the edges and spray with PB. Then remove the pinion yoke. You can then use a hammer and punch to drive the seal inward from the cup until it is free. At this point a small puller will fit with the lugs facing outward. The cup should come out without any damage.
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Brad Ipsen CLC #737

If anyone gets really desperate for one of the cups, I have a couple, but Harry describes the method to get them out very well.
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Bob Schuman

Another approach is to drill two small holes 180 degrees apart in the spacer, insert a sheet metal screw in each hole, then pull on the screws to get the spacer and seal out. Clean up and solder shut the two screw holes before reinstalling. The main objective is to remove the spacer without destroying it, because replacements are very rare.
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