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Engine Gunk

Started by 49 Caddy, December 02, 2022, 03:18:49 PM

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49 Caddy

  Anyone ever concerned about getting all debris/gunk from in between the 2 layers of metal the valley cover is made of.? Just rebuilt the 331 out of my 49 Series 61 and don't want to allow any debris into the fresh insides.  I have shot carb cleaner and garden hose pressure into 1 hole and it comes out the other.  No matter how many times I do it,  I get debris.

Jay Friedman

I took mine to an engine rebuilder who put it in a machine in which he cleaned engine blocks.
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49 Caddy

  Every machine shop I go to, pressure washes engine parts now.  E.P.A. rules/etc...


A couple application of oven cleaner will help as well! The caustic stuff.
Flattie Caddy


Evapo-Rust. One quart about ten bucks. Get a cheap Tupper type ware container from DG or Wally about the size of your part & dunk it.
Art D. Woody

49 Caddy

  Thanks for the responses.  I have it in a tub of Rust 911 now.  If results of that are not satisfactory I am going to try the oven cleaner as suggested.

49 Caddy

  Thanks for the oven cleaner recommendation, that did the trick.


Flattie Caddy