'57 Fuel Pump Filter Configuration

Started by Ray S., December 03, 2022, 05:26:41 PM

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Ray S.

I removed the stamped body AC fuel pump from my "57 Coupe today to replace it with an original 4362 slanted body pump that was rebuilt by Arthur Gould.  I understand there is a 45 degree fitting that screws into the inlet side, that the flex hose coming up from the frame screws into.  My question is regarding the outlet side.  Can someone please provide a photo of how this is set up.  If I screw the fuel filter bowl inlet side into the fuel pump outlet using the straight brass fitting that is currently attached, it points towards the valve cover and the reproduction hard line will not reach from the front of the carb to the filter bowl outlet.  My car has factory A/C and a Rochester carb.  I'm curious to see if the proper configuration is an angled fitting between the pump outlet and filter bowl.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Ray