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1982 Eldorado $2,750 32,000 miles Not Mine

Started by Bryan J Moran, January 17, 2023, 11:08:14 AM

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Bryan J Moran

What is this Eldorado?  Isn't the 2 tone paint a special edition?  Also, not recommending this car for purchase because of the 4.1.   D'Elegance?

Seller's Description
1982 Cadillac Eldorado leather interior and exterior in very good condition, has 32000 actual miles on it.

Has the 4.1 V8 TBI engine.

Just changed the wires, sparks, Distributor cap and rotor.

Car cranks but struggles to idle and shuts off, needs to be towed.

Asking 2750$ OBO

James Landi


As you may know, these early "high tech" models have an on-board diagnostic read out that a propective purchaser can likely know just what's up with the motor by following a simple procedure to get a code readout.  Having owned (survived a 24 year love affair---aka affliction) with several of these, one with such low mileage at that price deserves a close inspection. The problem is likely something relatively inexpensive to fix, and the car, if carefully maintained, could be a fun occasional driver- especially with such a lovely interior and at such an attractive asking price-- it's likely a steal. If it were close by, I'd be "on it"--- hoping a clc member will take a careful look at this one   Thanks for posting your finds -- they're always engaging.   Gratefully, James

Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

Not a special edition. It's simply a 1982 Eldorado with optional two tone paint- one of five combinations available this year on Eldorado (exc Biarritz). This is Brownstone/Desert Dusk Firemist. 

The runability issue described sounds like it could be faulty throttle position switch (TPS). 
A Cadillac Motorcar is a Possession for which there is no Acceptable Substitute

Bryan J Moran

Thanks Eric.  I too love the color combination. I like browns and such. I am not close unfortunately. 

Looks like it needs fillers and I see a ding in the passenger rear quarter window, but yes, if a CLC member is close this would be worth a look.