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Thank you Laurie ,
     Your mirror is much like every other mirror that I looked at. And if you said you picked it up from Charles you know it's authentic .  Your car is beautiful .
    Thank you for your time ,

Here you go. As you can see, the right mirror is on a weird angle, guess the shop couldn't see that when they did it. Its the gasket they made. Hyannis will fix it this winter when the cars goes to them.
General Discussion / Re: Rpm drop
Last post by Sourmug - Today at 12:07:50 PM
Thanks again to all, i got it in to a shop in Worthington Ohio that has done work fo a friend of mine who has several 66-74 classic cars including a 70 Deville Conv and was pleased with the results.  I will keep all updated and i now have a list of things i will be replacing a bit at a time thanks to you all.
So I took out my engine and tranny together for engine rebuild, and am also having the tranny checked over. I am wondering if I can put the engine in when I am done with rebuild, and then put the tranny in after that, or if it is just better to wait and put them both in together. I figured with the engine in, I can jack and block the car and using a tranny jack I can get it in place easier than having to lift both engine and trans again. Any input helps!
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1967 Overheating Issue
Last post by Snibbor - Today at 11:50:02 AM
Ok it seems the temp gauge stays at about 1/2way (shortly above.I know these dash gauges are inexact at best but will be adding one under the hood soon) on small drives but inches up and up at idle when parked. I have to wait to take her into the only real Cadillac repair shop here in my metro...gotta wait until 07-27. Worth the wait to get this finally resolved.
I don't know what solvent you are using but I've got a simple 2-1/2 gallon parts washer and the solvent I use comes from Northern Tool. I don't remember what they call it but I'm sure its Mineral spirits, previously called Stoddard solvent.
Greg Surfas
General Discussion / DIY home parts cleaning ideas?
Last post by TJ Hopland - Today at 10:49:15 AM
What does everyone do for small parts cleaning at home?  I have always used some sort of a solvent in some sort of container.  In the early days that was easy because all solvents were cheap and no one cared what happened to said solvent after one use. 

Nowdays that everything is expensive and difficult to properly dispose of I was noticing how nicely crud seems to settle out of the solvent if you let it sit.  Question is is there any easy way to then seperate the crud from the still usable solvent?   Pouring it out seems to disturb it enough that some of the crud floats.  I tried sucking the cleanish stuff off the top but even that seems to kick things up a bit. 

Anyone come up with anything else?  I was wondering about maybe something like a used Scotchbrite pad at the bottom?  Maybe that would kinda catch a lot of the crud making it easier to pour or suck the cleaner stuff out?

Or some other method completely?  I have used water based stuff on some parts with reasonable success but for something like wheel bearings that were covered in grease it seems like you really need something strong to get in there.   
Did anyone else have the window or was that just GM V8's 55-74?  Oddly I don't think I have ever owned one of those, mine seemed to be inlines where they didn't give you the window. 
Technical / Authenticity / Re: pertronix ignition for a '...
Last post by Lexi - Today at 09:57:37 AM
Yeah, what mad man decided to hide the distributor way back there? At least I had the adjustment window on mine so your car must be '55 or earlier. That is a real pain especially as one gets older. That is why I changed mine. Clay/Lexi