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General Discussion / Re: New Cadillac Database
Last post by Roger Zimmermann - Today at 02:18:19 AM
Quote from: Tom76 on Yesterday at 04:12:13 PMHello,
My name is Thomas and I come from Switzerland.
I am heavily researching the history of GM SUISSE.
Some have been found on the Cadillacs built in Switzerland.

Indeed, there were 36 La Salle cars assembled in 1936; 12 Cadillac cars assembled in 1938, 6 in 1939 and 6 in 1940. I don't have any other details.
General Discussion / Re: Check out this before and ...
Last post by V63 - Today at 02:02:57 AM
These touches really make for a nice car!
General Discussion / Re: Guidematic 1977 Eldorado
Last post by V63 - Today at 02:01:48 AM
In the headlight switch if is back labeled with :

1) "LIGHTS" this car has no light options)

2) LIGHTS and SENTINEL  (this car has automatic
dusk/dawn headlights.

3) SENTINEL and DIMMING (this car also has automatic dimming)

4) LIGHTS AND DIMMING (this car has automatic dimming)
General Discussion / Guidematic 1977 Eldorado
Last post by Dickiebear - Today at 12:50:31 AM
I have a 1977 Cadillac Eldorado base model. I've been having trouble with the foot switch for the bright lights, when I press it the brights come on but when I release it they go back off. I want to replace the switch but I don't know if my Eldorado has the Guidematic control. How can I tell if my Eldorado has Guidematic?
Technical / Authenticity / 1970 Engine Bay Item
Last post by Jim Miller - Today at 12:12:21 AM
Yesterday I looked at a 1970 CDV. On the firewall was a glass jar which looked like it was full of Marvel Mystery Oil. There was a line to the carburetor. Is this some type of upper end lubrication add on? I tried  unsuccessful searches to find out what this is.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1949 Power Window Pump Lin...
Last post by Jay Friedman - Yesterday at 11:46:45 PM
It looks a bit corroded in the photo. Would some WD-40 or another rust buster help?
Want To Buy - Parts / Re: 1956 series 62 LH Vent Fra...
Last post by Ajmrh - Yesterday at 11:20:23 PM
Hi, are you still looking?  I have a line in one.

Quote from: JungleCadd on February 12, 2022, 08:37:20 PM4153557 LH Driver side vent frame
General Discussion / Re: 1955 CDV Vent Window Frame...
Last post by Ajmrh - Yesterday at 11:15:23 PM
Thanks, pm sent.

Quote from: Lexi on Yesterday at 10:54:49 PMI am almost certain I have a pair of complete LH and RH vent assemblies for 1954 - 1956 Cadillac CDVs. As Walt noted, it is virtually impossible to locate an unbroken driver side unit. My 1956 CDV's vent window frame was broken when I bought that car back in 1976! A flawed design which was well known even back then. We had discussions about it at the old Cadillac Club of Canada meetings. Two of us were also then members of the CLC and it was clear that this part's bad reputation was widely known.

As I remember my driver side spare part......was broken...... (surprise!), BUT...some enterprising individual appeared to have properly fixed it via a pro looking weld, many years ago. Not sure what process used, but it certainly looks durable. A unit I would not hesitate to refurbish & use, and even consider some way to re-enforce so as not to fail again, should the weld or another portion of the frame not hold up.

Interested parties can PM me and I will then pull the part and get a better description of it. I do recall that it required refinishing, but the big plus is that it appears to have been diligently repaired. So that bullet is dodged. Clay/Lexi