Barn full of 1927-1931 parts including engine parts

Started by yachtflame, September 25, 2022, 07:30:08 AM

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I have literally, A Barn Full of Parts! I have several 1927-1931 Cadillac and Lasalle engines, heads, jugs, blocks and parts for them.
 I also have doors, fenders, engine splash pans, starters, generators, water pumps, door handles, hub caps, light switches, steering columns, lights, foot rests, lap robe rails, floor boards and most any other part needed for these cars.
 I have over 95 molds of the pot metal parts which I cast in bronze. Things like exterior and interior door handles & window cranks. Throttle gears, light switch bases, windscreen lifting gears, hood latches and much more.
 If you are in need of 1927-1931 car parts, contact Wayne at or call me at 413-658-4416
Wayne Elsworth
CLC #17075