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Started by tluke, June 22, 2022, 06:26:43 PM

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I ordered some parts for my 55 Cadillac from off their website, paying through Paypal. They are in Canada. I haven't heard a word from them since my order on 6/14/22. Their website doesn't seem to be working anymore as I've tried to reach that site several times over the last few days. I've only received a receipt from paypal at this point. Has anyone had experience with them? Are they still in business?


It worked for me and there's a email at the bottom.   If its' the same guy I'm thinking of he's Ok.



I had ordered a part from this Canadian company late last year. We emailed each other in January and he was unable to get the part (a choke spring and cover) from his supplier. So he issued a refund of my payment. He was in business then. His information:

Michel Ouelette

Good luck!
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The site must have been down for a few days after I placed the order. I wonder if they didn't know. After I sent Michel an email and got a tracking number the site was working again. Everything is good now and my parts seem to be on the way.