Cadillac Parts Clarification

Started by Snibbor, June 22, 2022, 09:15:17 AM

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Can someone provide a Cadillac engine-related parts site that importantly does NOT have Chinese sources parts that turn out 10% off spec-wise???


Welcome our modern world...
I do know the Egge make a lot of there own stuff. And the search for NOS never ends.
Good luck!
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Thanx Jay...I got a lot to learn.


Too general.   What parts are U looking for?

As these "calls" get smaller and inventory dwindles, the parts get outsourced, reproduced, or discontinued.  All depends on the quality control of the supplier what they accept and sell.   They would have to have their own manufacturing or domestic suppliers, not many doing that for small lots.
Depending on year/model, NOS is probably not an option any longer.
Also, with Cadillacs, not many aftermarket parts were made, so not as many options as say a SBC or LS.
It helps to pick your projects wisely as to what the part situation is before commencing.  Avoids some frustration.