'41 60 Special Carburetor question.

Started by mattb73lt, June 26, 2022, 11:46:15 AM

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I'm running a rebuilt AAV-26 on my 346. The previous carburetor was very tired and had some leaks. I went with an exchange/rebuilt unit that I find functions well in all aspects but one. During highway cruise, with a moderate pedal(65MPH), I find that it feels as if I have a several light skips in the firing order. The carburetor is smooth otherwise. It will also smooth out under heavier acceleration and return when throttled back. Evidence, spark plug and combustion evidence, leads me to believe that the main jet mixture is too lean but not enough to cause a backfire through the carburetor.

 My question is this, is there a way to adjust or swap the main jets, as in a Stromberg 97?

I see no such parts available to do so. The technical data I has show main jets at 0.050". My thought would be to disassemble the main jets and check the main jet diameters by markings or by number drills, then resize them if they're off to 0.050"
Anyone have any experience in this area?
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