Started by hold-on, November 01, 2022, 10:24:39 AM

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need some help to find a good ecu for 1979 Seville, I'm at the part, check plugs, dry or wet and then to use, analyzer j-25400 and ya know I just don't have one  ::) any one rebuild them still?, any help is great!


I have driven a 79 Cad with EFI for 27 years,
and I repair the ECUs for other owners.  Send
yours here and get it fixed at minimal cost.
I do have some already repaired, If you need
to buy a spare.  listed in CLC index,
bcroe AT SIGN juno DOT com
Bruce Roe CLC # 14630

79 Eldorado

Bruce is definitely the person to go to if you suspect it's the ECU. It sounds like you've already gone through the diagnostic tree. You can also post your symptoms and some of us can verify what you found. A member also posted a pdf of the EFI Service Manual "White and Blue book". I have a physical copy but it is nice to have the electronic (scanned) version as well.

See post nr 6 of this thread:

If Bruce is sending you something you may want to consider his remote fuel pump relay. According to Bruce it's one of most, if not the most, common issue he finds. Installing the external avoids sending so much power through the ECU and prevents terminal damage. There was a recent technical section topic on the relay which Bruce posted. I would need to search for it but I also created a write-up installing it on my 1979 Eldorado. It was a "clean" install as I was able to do everything except one ground inside the factory connectors.