1950 331 oil filler cap needed

Started by jenna snacks, November 07, 2022, 03:14:54 PM

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jenna snacks

Hello all,

Does anybody know where I might be able to find this part? The inside is completely rusted out. I'm not having much luck on the internet and any leads would be much appreciated. McVeys and Caddydaddy don't have them.

CLC 33940



I got one for my 54 from McVeys.

M. Bankes

I've got a used one if that help, not perfect but usable

Roger Zimmermann

I still have one from McVey if you prefer a new one.
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These caps were used from 50 through and past 60 I believe so they are plentiful. There are multiple on eBay in varying condition right now.
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These caps were used for several years as Dan noted. One thing that may have changed was the maintenance sticker. New stickers I believe are still available. The old Mid-Century Cadillac group noted that at least one vendor mis-identified the sticker they sold for a particular year of Caddy. So do your homework if you obtain a replacement cap and shop for a "period" re-popped sticker. Clay/Lexi