need a gas tank for my 1947 cadi

Started by ANTONIO PUJANTE, November 13, 2022, 03:14:26 PM

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hello I need a gas tank for my 1947 cadi the one I have has small holes and when I fill it up it leaks gas, if anyone knows where I can buy a new or used one in good condition I would appreciate your information
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harry s

Anthony, This company sells new reproduction tanks. I have one on my '41 and know two others that have used the tanks on their cars. We are all satisfied with the fit and quality.    Harry
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They also make tank sealers but it's a whole process to drain, clean and then coat the tank. If you have the means to get a new tank- that is the easiest, but this is another option and cheaper. I used this on the inside and outside of my tank back in 2008 and have not had any holes open up, no rust, no scale etc. in the 14 years since.
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Hello thanks for the information I have contacted this company but they do not ship to Spain