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Looking to ship my car . Montway Transport ?

Started by Bill Balkie 24172, September 01, 2022, 09:46:02 AM

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Bill Balkie 24172

  I am looking to ship my 70 Cadillac ( within ywo weeks ) From Mount Laurel, N.J. to Bradenton ,Fla. I have a quote from Montway Auto Transport ( Inclosed Trailer ) aprox 6 or 7 days for 1,500 . Can any body recommend them ? Can any Body recommened another reliable Transprt company ?

  Thank You ,
Bill Balkie
1970 Coupe DeVille
2009 CTS

Chuck Swanson

They typically always quote right away when using uShip.  However, I understand they are just a broker, and not the shippers, so I do not accept their quotes.  I go right to the shipper themselves when transporting.   Here are some reviews:,service%20and%20my%20dri.%20...%20More%20items...%20


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Dave Shepherd

I used them 5 years ago, they brokered it to some guy very minimal equipment,  had to pay him cash on delivery.   Caref ul here.

Bill Balkie 24172

Thank you Chuck and Dave ,
  Can anyone recommend a reliable and professional car transport company ?

Bill Balkie
1970 Coupe DeVille
2009 CTS

I recently contracted with Montway who transported my 58 Biarritz from New Port Beach California to Florida and I was extremely pleased with them.O would recommend them to anyone.


If they're a broker, the best bet is to avoid them. As someone else mentioned deal directly with the transport company. Brokers can and will hold your vehicle hostage. They will often charge you more than the original quote. They want you to be responsible for all damage. Bad news all the way around for the most part.

Rich S

Within the past ten years, on four or five occasions, I have used Horseless Carriage from Hibernia, New Jersey, to transport my '71 Eldorado Convertible from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and later back again, and I have always had a positive experience on each occasion. The driver's kept me fully informed of the location and estimated arrival time of the car along with taking perfect care of the car. Here is their web-site link:
Rich Sullivan CLC #11473

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cadillac ken

They are a broker.  I would steer clear of them.  They tout themselves as being one of the best--- maybe for Toyota and Hyundai.  Classic or valuable cars, not so much.

Each time I have used a Broker I was terribly disappointed to say the least.  It all depends on who they "assign" the transport job to--- it's a crap shoot. And most times they are ill equipped to deal with the special needs and treatment of a valuable classic car.

 My last experience with a broker sent me two of the worst "transporters" ever.  The trip to the show the car was damaged and when that "transporter" was dismissed the next one that was assigned to pick the car up when the show was over showed up 7 hours late. I almost missed my flight because of it.


Concur- they sold my shipment to some lady with a pickup and a trailer.  Took a while to clean the car after that but no damage.  Not what I had anticipated. 
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I've only used in the past & never had any problems. Montway is certainly one of the other big names out there too though. I would think any of the major players would be fine, just get quotes from them & compare.


A car transport broker once explained it to me.  When you enter your information on the internet to get a quote, all the transport companies and brokers see it.  The broker gives you a quote which is really a guess.  The actual truckers and transport companies look at the request and they decide if they will take the job at that price.  So if the quote is low, your car may not be accepted for a loooong time.  If it's high enough, one of the truckers or transport companies will respond and accept the job and the broker coordinate pick up time and arrival times.  A broker's quote is far from a guarantee.

The price also depends on whether pick up and drop off sites are far away or close to the main transport routes.  The other big pricing variable is the auctions.  During the Mecum or other big auctions, the transport companies are really busy and it's hard to find an available truck.
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Brett Baird

I used Montway 3 1/2 years ago to ship my 70 Eldorado from Reno, Nevada to Riverton, Utah.  No problems whatsoever.
B Baird
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'59 Sedan DeVille 6339 "Flat-top"


Ive stopped using brokers.
The last time a non-English speaking Russian guy delivered my car late and argued over
the agreed price. I paid him extra just to get rid of him.
Very shaky truck/trailer combo.
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