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1926 Cadillac engine rebuild help

Started by Cad-Allard J2X, January 27, 2023, 12:44:07 PM

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Cad-Allard J2X

I have a good friend living in MA that has a 1926 Cadillac. Unfortunately, he is of advanced age and suffers from Parkinson.  He used to do his own work, however, his health will no longer allow this.  His 1926 Cadillac is in good shape, however it needs an engine rebuild.  He is looking for someone competent to rebuild for him in the area. He lives in Granville, MA.


Maybe check out Cape Cod Fleetwood's threads, and contact the shops she used on her 70 Fleetwood. They may be able to help, and if they cannot, I'd bet they know who could.
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I have been very happy with Mark Clayton at RestoreCars in Colorado. Obviously the engine would need to be put on a pallet and shipped. His machine shop restores vintage cars. See YouTube. His current effort include my V16, Packards, Cords, Pierce Arrows and a Stutz DV32.
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harry s

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Jim Stamper

J and M is who I would go to also. There was a video years ago of them rebuilding a CLC region members 346 Cadillac. Really neat. They had crated ready to go Model t and Model A engines for sale. I saw a Duesenberg engine on a stand going together, rare engine blocks getting their side welded back in after some tragic engine event. Hands down I would go there.  Jim Stamper CLC#13470