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Build Sheet Question for 1959

Started by okccadman, May 03, 2021, 02:20:34 PM

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Hey , thanks for looking . This is the only build sheet, previously attached ,  I have been able to find .I also posted a pic of cowl plate in previous post .I know the 16-00 code is paint london grey both top and bottom . 00 code for the interior is the leather seats . You had to special order leather seats for the Fleetwood . The car is need of total restoration , which has begun . Mostly the mechanical side . Interior is rough and has been removed . I will try to get some pics of what is left . The car was stolen in the late 60's from the owner and they covered the seats and painted the car black before it was found and returned . Then it sat in the weather for quite sometime after he passed .It appears the car came with quite a few options , even for a fleetwood . The SR 59 M 3 is the one thing I am having trouble with . Do the build sheets specifically say Group 3 ? Thanks , C.Gaddy


you have 3 deviations
codes 51,61 and "OO" for the leather


Okay , now I get what you are saying about the 3 . Could the SR be sales request because one of the trim codes is El Dorado and not Fleetwood ? Thanks


the '00" is for the leather this has nothing to do with eldorado
sellers have called closed cars with leather "eldoado interior" this is incorrect
leather in fleetwood was an "so" option and would be leather in the fleetwood interior pattern

they built many unique cars including one biarritz with a code 60 fleetwood style cloth and leather interior

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The Sales Request is triggered whenever the car is SO and/or when Eldorado color is ordered on a non-Eldorado model. Not sure if it also applies to Eldorados ordered with standard color paint.
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Yes , the 00 has nothing to do with El Dorado . The 51 is a Seville code and the 61 is Fleetwood . It is my understanding that a SO is prompted when ordering the leather seats(in my case) and the SR is prompted when a trim code is ordered that does not match a particular model or paint code . Which has me wondering if the SR on my build sheet is for the fact I have the 51 code in a fleetwood . Thanks