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Title: 59 or 64 Purchase
Post by: Larry on October 12, 2005, 01:40:24 PM
20 years ago, I owned a 1959 Coupe and a 1964 Coupe convertible. I wish I still had them! I am going to purchase one or the other (again!) and wanted to ask your opinion as to which is more realiable, easier to work on, availability of parts, special concerns, etc.
I am going to look for a nice driver in the $15,000 range.
Your feedback will be appreciated!
Title: Re: 59 or 64 Purchase
Post by: Jim Eccleston CLC 16079 on October 13, 2005, 07:15:23 AM
This is a tough choice, as they are so different, to me. The 59 makes a great statement, with its styling. You will get recognized and lots of attention. The 64 has understated elegance, as well as more advanced tecnology (climate control, twilight sentinel, etc...No doubt, you will get a better condition car for your money if you go with the 64. The Turbohydramatic on the deVille and fleetwood lines is the better transmission. On the other had, the 429 can present some problems, especially in replacing the oil pump if it is wearing out.
My advice would be to compare what condition a vehicle you can get for the money, and buy the best one out there.
Title: Re: 59 or 64 Purchase
Post by: Bruce Reynolds # 18992 on October 13, 2005, 07:44:59 AM
Gday Larry,

As you said, you owned both vehicles years ago, so really, the choice is up to you.   But, maybe you cant remember the bad pionts of either, and then again, there must have been good reasons for parting with them in the first place.

The biggest problem is going to find someone that wants to sell you a good car for the money you want to spend.   59s will always be dearer than 64s

Plus, I am sure that it would be easier on the mind to park a 64 than a 59 as regards vandalism goes.   Some low-lifes get really jealous of something they cant have.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV