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Title: Motorama bus at B-J
Post by: Paul Zanetti on March 04, 2006, 01:07:10 AM

Some time backm after the recent B-J auction at Scottsdale, theer was some talk on this forum about the GM Motorama show futureliner. For anyone interestedm here is an update I found on the HEMMINGS website blog page:

Multi-Million Dollar Sales and Some Controversy at Barrett-Jackson

The ‘54 Bonneville Special sold for $2.9 million last night, and believe it or not, that wasn’t the big news.

All eyes were on the bidder who supposedly bid $4.1 million for the GM Futurliner bus. Only he didn’t bid $4.1 million. After thinking about raising his bid for a moment, the bidder made a slicing motion across his neck and said “I’m out.” Only, the auctioneers took that as a bid. The second bidder immediately said he was out.

When the dust cleared, the paperwork for the bus was presented to the first bidder, who refused to sign it saying he clearly bailed out from the bidding process. Half of the auction staff was there trying to get the controversy sorted, and eventually, Craig Jackson and the bidder went to the Skybox to watch a replay of the “bid” which was being filmed by Speed.

By 10:00 or so last night, word was that Barrett-Jackson had accepted the fact that the bidder bailed out of the process. Management was trying to square a deal for the owners of the Futurliner late into the night.

Title: Re: Motorama bus at B-J
Post by: Fred Garfield 22310 on March 05, 2006, 02:34:20 PM
What is so hard about giving bidders cards with big numbers on them to raise above their heads? At all the Butterfield auctions I ever attended, if that card wasnt over your head, you didnt bid. Period.