HELP!!!!! I Can't find a place to get the part(s?) I need!!!!

Started by Mike Houghton, April 24, 2008, 07:49:41 PM

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Mike Houghton

 ??? I am a new member of the CLC (Jan) and I am hoping that someone can help me.
I own a 1978 Sedan de Ville, recently I went to open my rear drivers side door and when I hit the thumb button, it dropped into the door. I have been told by a mechanic friend that it a pretty simple fix, we just need a rebuild kit (springs-rods etc.)

Does anyone have any ideas? I live in Maine if that helps (Website probably my best bet?)

Glenn Brown

Usually, it doesn't require all of those parts. 
My experience has been its just the clip that hold the lock button rod to the rest of the lock mechanism. Usually the dealer has them, or try a professional's auto parts store ( like a NAPA or a local place if you have one).

Eric Falk

Another good source for these type of parts is an Auto Body Supply store.  I go to WESCO Auto Body Supply in the Seattle area for these parts.  They always seem to have them or at least know where to send me.

harvey b

Hello All, another thing is that the screw or bolt that holds all this together just backed out and may still be in the bottom of the door,also i would try the local U-Pick yard and see if they had any caddys like that,part will propably fit from a lot of different years too,after you remove the handle you will have a better idea as to what you will need to fix it,it should be a pretty simple fix.  HTH  Harvey B
Harvey Bowness

Eric S. Maypother #15104

From experience I learned if you replace handle make sure it's from a 4 door or the button won't be long enough, if you can only get a 2dr handle I had to use a small socket to put on the end of rod to take up the space for it to work, till you get it fixed I was able to stick my finger in hole to press plate to open door, or with the warm weather hear leave window open if your in safe place and reach handle inside till you gewt it fixed. Maybe you can get a used handle on eBay, 77-79 RWD will work, 80-up may be different, not sure off hand.
Eric :)
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