Author Topic: Need Assistance with an eBay Purchase from Member with Paypal Account  (Read 1328 times)

Ken Andersen #21420

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I have purchased an article in the USA, via eBay however the seller will not accept Paypal.
Item is only a single number plate, and total price including shipping is around US$18.00.
I require a member in the USA with a Paypal account , to make payment on my behalf
via personal ckeck or money order, and then I will transfer funds for the cost of the
purchase plus any out of pocket expenses, via Paypal to your account.

If any member can assist please contact me at

Best Regards
Ken Andersen

Ken Andersen #21420

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Dear Barry,
Got your email, and sent a reply, but got a "non deliverable" message back via
my ISP.
Many thanks for the offer, however, all is taken care of, via
another member of this forum.
Thanks Once again.

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Hi Ken, I hadn't changed my e-mail here. Sorry, and best of luck. BW.
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