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1941 hood nose trim

Started by arturoquijano, September 07, 2008, 10:22:54 PM

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I want to know if the hood nose trim (the Chrome lip of the Hood) of the 1941 cars is the same in all series Is say a hood nose trim removed from a series 75 will be fit in a 62 series car?

Bill Ingler #7799

My Master Chassis Parts book shows only one part number used in 41. Part #1440786. If you are going to plate a used hood lip, pick the plater carefully as these lips can be warped in the plating process and then it becomes difficult to get a proper fit with the contour of the hood.

Doug Houston

Also, if warpage won't be bad enough, the little end pieces on them are EXTAREEEEEMLY delicate. Alert the plater to it, if he can't see it for himself!.

In addition, make sure that the nose piece is securely bolted to the hood when you install it. Flexure of the hood can break them.
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Arturo Quijano

Thanks  for your valuable information and tips.

Arturo Quijano

Thank you for your tips