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Started by jim t., November 11, 2008, 01:43:10 AM

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jim t.

GENTERMEN: IF you have not been to the General Motors Hertiage Center." yet, You should go. Good Luck,JIM

Mike Josephic CLC #3877


If you are referring to actually visiting the GM Heritage Center -- it's not open
to the general public.  Only groups with special authorization, with an advance
appointment, can tour the facility.

I visited there with the C&LC Board a few years ago.  It's really something to see.

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Matt CLC#18621

What will happen to GM Heritage Center if GM files for bankruptcy which may happen?


Matt CLC #18621

Otto Skorzeny

Assets are sold to the highest bidder. In the case of Carter Carburetor, it's archive of blueprints, records, plans, etc. going back over 100 years, was made available to a private company, Daytona Parts Co. These records were basically worthless to anyone else and would likely have been destroyed. They were recognized to be something of a national treasure and arrangements were made for the carburetor rebuilding company to acquire them.

In any case, if GM goes bnkrupt, it's likely to be a restructuring with bankruptcy protection rather than a total shut down and disssolution of the company.

One good thing that could come from a bankruptcy is that all UAW contracts would immediately be void. New arrangements would then be negotiated as part of the restructuring deal.

The average UAW worker earns $78 per hour compared to non union auto workers in Alabama who earn $35 per hour. Add onto that $81 per hour in healthcare costs and it's easy to see why GM can't compete.

If there is a government bailout of the auto industry, there should be concessions extracted from the unions . If there is not, it would merely be a bailout of the UAW and not of the automakers themselves. The deal should also be structured as a loan like Chrysler got in 1979 and not simply a handout.

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David #19063


$78/hour = $162,000/year.
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Otto Skorzeny

That is what I heard reported  on the local news 2 days ago. I know it seems very high but I also remember reading that the average income of a line worker 10 or more years ago was $85,000 per year. I'm sure these figures include overtime.

I would be interested in confirming the number from another source, though. On the news report I heard, the figure was stated by an elected official from Alabama (either a congressman or senator)

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David King (kz78hy)


The number should look like this.

$78/hour = is a composite number that averages a workers total package which includes all benefits, health care is portion of this number.
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David #19063

Usually all benefits are around 30% of the base pay.
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Otto Skorzeny

That's what I thought but then later in the same story they used a figure of $81 per hour in benefits/healthcare/pension, etc.

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