Tires for '93 DeVille

Started by Rob Bruining #12428, November 24, 2008, 11:38:23 PM

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Rob Bruining #12428

I need to replace at least 2 Michelin tires on my '93 DeVille. I want to stay with the correct 3/4 in. wsw. I've found B.F. Goodrich at Sam's Club and Uniroyals at an independent dealer. Both have the appearance of an aggressive/snow tire like look when viewed from the side. I would like to avoid that look on a luxury car.Today I located "Mile Maker" also called "Sigma" tires from another independent tire store. He has none in stock, but can order them. I did see a picture in a catalog. Has anyone had any experience with any of these tires? Does anyone know of another tire with the same whitewall? I'm looking at P205/70/R15 and P215 in the Goodrich. Thanks. Rob


Believe Sigmas are made by Cooper.  I put 4 new 235-75R15 Sigmas on my '71 Sedan DeVille and they worked well.
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