1963 Cadillac 390 with automatic - Interest?

Started by BJM, December 31, 2008, 08:24:23 AM

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I was checking the local CraigsList and someone is selling a 63 Cadillac V8 and automatic transmission. I emailed him and offered him $50.  I presently have no cars - I am researching and planning to buy my next set of projects in the next 1-4 years. So, I have been selling my spare remaining parts on ebay with some success.

If I end up getting this engine and transmission could I sell individual parts off them for seed money on ebay or this forum? Or (more interesting to me) could I rebuild both and sell as rebuilt restored units to enthusiasts or would I get no interest in the rebuilt motor and transmission.  I say "could I" because obviously anyone can do anything - but my question is - is there any interest in me doing this or would it be a waste of time and money? (Based on the forums more educated posters and collectors)   

(I assume the motor isn't toast, just worn out)  I am a mechanic by trade and believe I can rebuild at least the engine and probably the transmission. BUT if I can part these out and sell engine parts and such, maybe I can help CLC members and put more seed money in my projects budget.  By the way I just sold some remaining 49 Buick parts that I was going tothrowout for $200. 63 Pontiac parts for $100.

So should I purchase a $50 engine and trans to part out or rebuild as a fun winter project? 

If I rebuild, you know I will have at least $2000 in the engine and $350 in the transmission so would anyone pay that for a rebuilt 63 Cadillac engine?

David King (kz78hy)

My 2 cents...........

To buy a rebuilt powertrain comes down the amount of confidence the buyer has in you.  Since I do not know your level of ability, I would prefer to buy a complete unit undone and take care of getting it rebuilt myself.

That's  how I would evaluate this.

I did not mean to offend, or assume you lack ability.

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You don't offend me at all. I totally understand because that's how I am. People tell me "I heard the motor was "gone through". I think: Yea, whatever!  I want to rebuild all of my own engines, and farm out the transmissions. BUT if I take photos and offer the blueprints and parts lists, etc, then I would feel like someone would buy the engine. I am a freak about precision and carefulness.

Now the tranny is a different story. If I could get the rebuild kit for $125 then I might rebuild it and feel confident about it. I would need a 63 Cadillac rebuild manual.

But no, I totally understand your position and am not offended.


Wasn't there someone on here a few weeks back with a 63 with a chevy 350 engine who planned on converting back to the 390 and jetaway?
Rob Wirsing


I"m sure you know the 63 390 is a one year only animal, and that may limit your available market base.
J. Newton

Mike Welch

Quote from: r8odecay on December 31, 2008, 09:50:25 PM
I"m sure you know the 63 390 is a one year only animal, and that may limit your available market base.
Thats true, it will also replace a 64 429 with a hydramatic. On the other hand i imagine there are a few 63 owners looking for one.
Mike Welch
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Yes I remember it's one year status - it's the new generation of V8 plus I believe the TH400 replaced this transmission in 1964, so that should be the last year for that transmission.  I am unfamiliar with that transmission, but I have rebuilt a 429 from a 64 CoupeDeville.  I think at $50 for the pair, I can play around with the transmission and if I screw up so what.  If the motor can yield $50 in ebay or forum parts sales, then I am even.

Between projects I am refinishing an old library school desk, restoring a Kayak, so I am kind of bored!  :)

Of course, if I could sell parts for anything over $50 then it goes to project seed money.

Walter Youshock

Actually, the old "Jetaway" was carried over to '64 on the base 62, "75" and "86" series cars.  The Turbo-Hydramatic came on the DeVilles, Fleetwood 60s and Eldorados.

Wonder why they did that?
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