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No more V-Series Cadillacs
« on: February 19, 2009, 08:53:35 AM »
GM announced yesterday that it was disbanding its Performance Vehicle Operations and that there will be no more high performance versions of its standard models like the V-series Cadillacs and SS Chevrolets. I guess the world will just have to be content with waiting 6 seconds to get to 60 in a regular CTS.

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Re: No more V-Series Cadillacs
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Thanks for the news. Although the V-Series Cadillacs certainly made Cadillac competitive with other European luxury cars (Mercedes' AMG Series, BMW's M-Series, Audi's S-Type and Jaguar's R-Type models), I guess it depends on what the vision for the brand is. In my opinion, I would certainly have preferred if there had been a "Platinum" edition of the CTS. It seems logical, since there are "Platinum" series on the STS, XLR, Escalade and DTS model Cadillacs. The "Platinum" edition is more in fitting with Cadillacs tradition for ersatz luxury sedans. Of course, the V-Series is not lacking in luxury--but I guess I'm saying it represented a new direction for the Cadillac brand, and that is not necessarily bad. Ideally, Cadillac should offer both versions! The CTS V-Series offers fabulous Recaro seating, and maybe that will remain available on the regular CTS (or be included in a new "Platinum" edition CTS!) ;)
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Re: No more V-Series Cadillacs
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Very sad news. If I am ever serious about an XLR-V it's gonna bring a premium! Here's a link to live vicariously through, it's a Corvette ZR1 at "The Ring" in Germany. Enjoy.
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