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Hello Members of CLC

I now found time to make pictures of my car to post it to this forum.

I have many many more so if someone it interested in more detailed pictures please ask !!! I will be happy to send you as much details as desired.

My average question is what kind of car Body is this is it maybe a custom ? a later change or however maybe someone knows the car himself as it seems to be very unike it is easy possible.

Any help ans suggestion will be appreciated and thanks a loot for all your help.


Martin Christandl

Here is what I "think" could find out so far.

Bondy code stamped in wood 7000   should be a fisher sports coupe.

Engine Number 137473                    is a late 1926 engine.

Here are the "STRANGE THINGS "

the angle of windshield and rear is not as any model shown in catalogs.

the wheels are 20" they sould be 21" maybe a later conversation ?

there is a passenger side toolbox on the frame but there is nodoor for that like on all other 1927 cars.

there was a pressure pump in the dasboard but is has been removed and the hole was weldet and is almost not visible anymore.

Somespecial mods wich wers performed over the years on this car...

the bumpers seem to be 1930 Cadillac for me.

there is a very baad paint job in red under the red colour itmight have been dark blue

the distributor was changed to a 1950s or later type with vacuum

the 20" wheels are wood Artillery but the rimsare weldet to so you can not remove the "outer" rim (see pics)

the is a strange "corner" and a wood application on the step boards

Her are some pictures

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Re: What kind of 1927 Cadillac is this ...?
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One of the most "strange" things to me is the angle of the windshield and the rear is is not a 90 degree angle as in all pictures from 1920th cars from fisher I have seen.

However the number on driver side wood says it is a 7000 Sports coupe v
from 1927.
There is also the number 404 stamped into the wood a bit appart.
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Re: What kind of 1927 Cadillac is this ...?
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The engine is according to the engine number a late 1926.

Engine Number is 137473

Distributor is in rear near the firewall.

Re: What kind of 1927 Cadillac is this ...?
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here are the weldet rims !!

Is or was this a common Practice ??

also the strange corner on the step board

Re: What kind of 1927 Cadillac is this ...?
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one more insight view

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Re: What kind of 1927 Cadillac is this ...?
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I'm not sure what the passenger side tool box you mention is. Are you talking about the small square door on the passenger side? If so, that's a storage area for a bag of golf clubs.

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Re: What kind of 1927 Cadillac is this ...?
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Hello Otto

The passenger side "tool Box" on the frame is only visible from underneath the car.
on the passengerside runningboard is no door to acsess this, this means the running board does not fit originally to the frame or vice versa.

or it was one of the first 1927 models build on an original 1926 frame and they just deleted the passengerside toolbox. ....

on the picture from the underneath is is visible that there was a sheetmetal box howevwer there is no acsess from outside on Passenger side.

Thanx for your reply
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Just my personal opinion, Martin.  I think this car left the factory as a regular Series 314 Cadillac with the  Fisher style "7000", 2-pass. sport coupe body.  Somewhere along the line, someone (with taste) tried to "improve" the car's sporty looks by changing the angle of the windshield (can you see any signs of work in that area?) and making other personal modifications such as you describe; this may even have happened in Europe (do you know when the car was imported to Austria?).  As far as the engine number goes, it appears to fall correctly in the 1927 range (129675-150619); where did you get the information that it may have been a "late 1926" engine? Have you got a copy of the buiild-sheet for the car? That might reveal some clues ...though I doubt it in this particular case. As to the possibility of an independent, professional coachbuilder having a hand in the changes, I suspect that if this had happened, you would have found his badge or logo somewhere on the car. Remember:  a lot of things could have happened to the original car over a spoace of ...82 years ! BTW, the build-sheet may be ordered (at a cost of $50) from : GM Heritage Center, Attn: Cadillac Archives, 6400 Center Drive, Sterling Heights, MI 48312-2609 / USA. You may also use this URL for a speedier connection: [].  I must tell you, however, that the services of the Historical Section are in great demand and it may take quite a while, therefore. (5-6 weeks or more) to have your query addressed.  Good luck with your continued research into the car's history!
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Martin, Yann, et al - The current source for Cadillac build sheet information is Allied Vaughn, 11923 Brookfield,Llivonia, MI 48150 Attn: GM Vehicle Invoice & Cadillac Coll.  The GM Heritage Center farmed out the data sheep business a year or so ago.      Paul Ayres #5640

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And you can order the built data from Allied Vaughn via e-mail. Pretty quick response that way, I think I had everything in hand after about a week and a half.
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MARTIN,Ihave read where there is a star after the S/N it  is a replacement factory engine. Wheel rims welded, I don't think that wa.s a commond thing , but someone did a good job of welding. JIM


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